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Our Bees

    In 2001 we lost most of our bee to the mites. 2002 we restocked our hives with Russians Bees which are mite resistant. We now use no chemicals in our hives. We have witness these bees in an observation hive grooming the mites off of each other. When they groom a mite off of  another bee, they drop the mite and it falls down till it finds another bee host or falls to the floor of the hive where it waits for another bee to come along. Knowing this we replaced our bottom boards with screen bottoms. Now the mites that fall to the floor, fall out of the hive, The mite fall off of the bee when smoked, the screen bottom works here too. Our screen bottoms have a sticky board that slides under the screen bottom which is used to take a roll call of the mites. We find very few mites in our bee now so no need to treat for mites.


note:   As of 2002 we haven't use any chemicals in our hives.

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