Adult Beekeeping Class Dates (Age 14 & Older):

Bundle 101, 102 and 103 and save $10 !!
Three Class Bundle $125.00

Individual classes won't be offered until after January 1st, if any are left,

Pre-Payment Required - Maximum 24 Students per class so first come first served.

  Lunch is included in the cost of each class plus plenty of bottled water.





Class One: 101

Dates:  Saturday, January ??,2019 / Snow Date:  Saturday, February ??, 2019  10AM - 2PM

Cost: $45.00

This class will help you decide if you want to become a beekeeper or not.

Basic Bee Biology and Ordering Bees.
Equipment and tools that you’ll need to keep bees.
How much will this cost me?
Where should I set up my hives?



Class Two: 102

Dates:    Saturday, March ??, 2019  10AM - 2PM

Cost:  $45.00

Install your bees into their hive.
The caring and feeding of your bees.
Controlling pest without chemicals.
Get ready for nectar/honey flows.



Class Three: 103

Dates:    Saturday, June ??, 2019  10AM - 2PM

Cost:  $45.00

Harvest your honey.
Bottling and labeling your honey.
Market your honey .
Fall feeding.
Get your bees ready for the winter months.
Making plans for next year.